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Monday January 24th 2022 8:00pm    Christine Hailes Perillo - Living Under The Volcano

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Born in Sale near Manchester UK, Christine worked as a civil engineering technician for 3 years. In 1983 she had a  calling to the Philippines, but had  been diagnosed as having anorexia for 10 years.  She was healed through prayer at a breakfast meeting one morning in Manchester.  Christine served in the Philippines for 10 months initially with two missionaries. She then returned to establish Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries, a private Christian School and Christian Academy that is free for all of its 200 students. They also established 2 children’s homes, with 60 children, and two half-way homes for the children to move to when they reach the age of 18. There they learn independent living while studying in College. In all of this work Christine is married with 7 children.

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