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18th October - Ruth O'Reilly-Smith - UCB 2 Radio 
From South Africa to Stoke on Trent to broadcast to the World
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Ruth O’Reilly-Smith was born in South Africa and has lived in the UK since 1999. Here she met and married her husband and they have twins. Ruth started out in radio in 1995, while studying teaching at the University of Pretoria.  Since moving to the UK, Ruth has continued in radio and hosts This Is My Story on UCB2, which is part of United Christian Broadcasters. She’s also author of God Speaks – 40 Letters From The Father’s Heart. Ruth and her family are part of a local church in Staffordshire, England 

where she occasionally gets to preach and she’s been speaker at a number of women’s retreats. Join us to hear the whole story Monday Night.

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